A Compelling Argument For Love (What To do During Venus Retrograde + Chapter One of MoonPluto in Love)

"venus retrograde" It’s been a long time since I’ve loved someone.

My love got stabbed in the heart and it died. Most of the time I can’t imagine it. Ever falling again. Ever really caring. Definitely not obsessive compulsive love. And no idea what’s ahead.

Last night I had a friend explain it to me — why she was so upset when her lover left even though the situation is dramarama major dramarama and she started to talk to be me about love. About sex too, the healing power of sex, but also the healing power of love. It was a compelling argument — for love and relationship even though it’s as far from me as outer space.

Venus is at 0 degrees Virgo now (new story developing!) but will go retrograde on July 25. Tomorrow. Back to the old story. Unfinished business. Chapter to rewrite.

I haven’t written about Tarot in a while so I’ll draw a card for you. Let’s see what you need to know for Venus Retrograde this time around.

The Nine of Cups. Very funny, Tarot. Very funny. The Wish Card. The Wish Come True card.

Oh really, Tarot? Is this a dare?

To be continued…