A Child Is Being Beaten: Saturn In Scorpio

"saturn in scorpio"I could hear a child being beaten as I walked home tonight.

The slightly cooler weather makes for open windows. At first I wasn’t sure if what I heard was what I heard. The sound of the child and what sounded like a whip. You know that sound. It was probably a belt.

I’ve got Mars in Cancer. Fierce protector of women and children. But any half-decent human, or animal, no matter the Mars, will crumple at that sound.

The cycle continues. And I walked home thinking, “I hate this place. This earth.”

Sorry, folks. No love and light in this post. Is this a preview of Saturn in Scorpio? The darkness next door. Maybe that’s my own chart speaking. Scorpio is my 3rd House (the neighborhood).

And despite my 9th House Saturn, I preach optimism. It continually surprises me that I do this. How much I’ve changed. That I’m actually living my natal Jupiter Venus sextile but something like this happens and I feel helpless.

And if there was something I could have done, I would have done it. I saw two other women walking home  shaking their heads. They heard it too. They knew. Maybe it was them, a Saturn cycle ago.

I remember once listening to a Pema Chodron recording and she was talking about doing tonglen. That often the only thing you can do in such moments of witnessing is to send compassion or peace on your out-breath to the situation. To take in the pain. And to send out any good you have. To the one being beaten. To the one doing the beating.

Maybe that’s some love and light after all.

Wishing you a peaceful Thursday evening —


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