A Beautiful Day To Save Lives: New Moon In Pisces

"new moon in pisces"

It’s gonna be a good day, people. Okay? Good day good day good day. New start new start new start.

Or as Dr. Shepard says on Grey’s Anatomy: it’s a beautiful day to save lives. But let it be your own today.

Pisces rules saviors, remember?

The Moon is in late Aquarius as I write this but the New Moon in Pisces is today.

What seeds will you plant? It’s funny to use the seed metaphor for a water sign. What else can we use? Use your imagination and tell us. Imagination: another Pisces/Neptune keyword.

This day? Let it be whatever you want. Create it. Use your imaginative forces, as Edgar Cayce said, a Pisces.

As for me, I have readings to tend to and then have a spiritual activity in the evening so to speak and will see friends as well. Virgo rules plans and Mars is in Virgo but retrograde so expect plans and routines to not always go according to plan these days. Leave room for, yes, the imaginative forces.

Otherwise, sky-wise:

Neptune is at zero Pisces, Sun is at 2 Pisces, Chiron is at 4 Pisces. The New Moon will be at 2 Pisces. It’s like a long light lounge chair. That’s the image that just came to mind. Can you see it? It’s barely visible but you can lie down on it. Like the chairs of heaven, poolside.

Jupiter sextiles Pisces so there’s our ground, our seeds, the planting fits because this big (Jupiter expands what it touches) earth is supporting.

The 12th House is Pisces natural house and it rules not only worries but witches too. Err on the side of witches is the point I’ve been trying to get across with my Pisces posts.


Do not “self undo” to use the classic phrase associated with the 12th.  Restraint and struggle are not necessary. Solitude may be helpful though. And ritual. And a holy book (Mercury is also in Pisces) like I was talking about yesterday.

But don’t stop with my ideas. Touch your own mind. What is Pisces to you?

Now that my books are out of storage, after some years, I’m reunited with my past and digging around for stuff to share with you. The following is from a little book Teachings of the Christian Mystics. The quote is from Richard of Saint Victor and I’m quoting it because I feel it embodies the depth and passion of the 12th House and Neptune:

The first degree of passionate charity is love that wounds; the second is love that binds. Love rises up to the third degree of passion, where it excludes every other love, but the one, for the sake of the one. The fourth degree of passionate love is that in which nothing at all can satisfy the desire of the passionate soul.

Does this describe your love nature? Got New Moon plans?


Update! My schedule is a little tight today and Wednesday but am still scheduling Mini-Moon Readings (and other readings, including Tarot) this week. Email for more info at moonpluto@gmail.  And if I don’t get back to you right away, it means my phone is acting up (as usual!)

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