A Beautiful Day For Prophesy: Scorpio Trine… Everything

First the news from MoonPlutoLand:

Schedule update! If you are waiting for me, if you have an email-reading in progress, I will be back on that horse today after my morning errands so stay tuned 🙂 Hope to publish it later.

In other news, I got a beautiful testimonial this morning. It was a personal email but I asked her if I could use it 🙂

And in other OTHER news, this weekend I will put some hours towards One-Card-Mini-Tarot.

These will be $10 and I prefer using Instant Message (by Gmail or Facebook) for these so it’s immediate.

I will announce when these are happening on Twitter and Facebook so if you aren’t already connected to me that way, please do.

Friend me here on Facebook and/or click on the FB and Twitter buttons on my homepage.

By the way, the FB I have listed in this blog post is different than the one the button links to. One is a personal account and the other is a Page that you can Like. Sometimes I cross post and sometimes I don’t.

Keep in mind  how one-card readings work: I don’t mind yes/no questions at all in fact I like one-card yes/no ALTHOUGH the cards don’t always tell us what we want to hear so you have to be prepared. As well I may receive an “inconclusive”!

Or you can ask a “what I need to know now” type of question in regards to a particular topic. Or what the block is or what the hidden opportunity is.

In terms of timing, these are at least 5 minutes or so of back and forth conversation.

If you like you can FEED THE MOON for one of these One-Card draws for this weekend and I will do the draw and IM you my initial findings later today. I do reserve the right to reframe questions OR as in the case of last night a person asked about WHEN and her WHEN question was attached to a complex topic. And I  kept hearing in my head “what’s the block” to what she wants? So I asked the Tarot that. We got an answer.



Yes it is a beautiful day for prophesy and clear seeing. Think of the energies, the aspects, as cascading rather than… Scorpio Moon trines Neptune and it’s done. Think of it as on-going, as a big beautiful sea, a looking-glass, and answers can be found.

The Moon is void of course as I type this, in Libra but enters SCORPIO at 12:33 pm (NYC time). The Sun in Pisces will trine Saturn in Scorpio, which gives structure to the prophesy, and confidence and faith.

And then we have Moon trine Neptune and Moon trine Venus. The Moon will also trine Chiron and the Sun and Mercury and Mars this weekend, but like I was writing above, consider this weekend (or, actually, today and Saturday and some of Sunday) to be under the influence of this visionary energy.



Five of Wands. There is work to be done and not unhappily. Cooperate with others to get your needs met. I also see you emerging, finally. Possible this past week you were holding back, for whatever reason, and now the decks have been cleared and you are ready to show your face again but you’re not on your own here. This could be co-workers, family members, various partnerships, spirit guides. I’m being told that you aren’t ever alone so stop fighting this truth.

And you know what? I used to see this as a card of arguments, struggles, adversity, and sometimes it is but my mind was opened about this card recently and now fairly often I see those five folks in their colorful tunics working together, changing the situation and even having fun in the process. This card is a a crowd of limbs and wands. How will it ever shape up? they wonder. So they keep at it.

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