6th House/12th House: Body And Soul

"the 6th house"

I finally got enough sleep last night and I finally realized part of the problem — the weather changed dramatically this week and I needed to turn the air conditioning on.

And it wasn’t the heat — it was the humidity 🙂  I’m that sensitive to temperature change. Also, the a/c noise is wonderful.

And when I get enough sleep? I feel like I can climb 1000 mountains! All at once! It’s like my life becomes one big TRINE: I feel better, I work better, I feel more grateful, I can SEE again!

Sensitivity in the chart can be shown by Neptune for sure. Also the Moon. There are no doubt many aspects that could make a case for this. Uranus stuff too. I was recently working with someone who has natal Uranus in her 6th House: electricity IN the body. She can zap people.

And anyone, really, with a busy 6th house is going to be super sensitive. The 6th House is the body! 

I have a friend who has a lifelong history of abusing his body. AND he has a 6th House Sun. Lucky for him he’s strong as a horse. Until he’s not. Come to think of it though… I don’t think he got sick this winter, unlike last winter.

But pay attention to your 6th/12th axis. Think of the 12th as, yup, mental health and the 6th as physical. Do you have  opposing planets across this axis? 

Now, not ALL 12th House people are mental (lol) but they do have blindspots, so to speak. The 12th House is our supremely hidden house and the 6th is what we can see.

A related thought: I have been  meditating for years and in this one particular class for years which relies on information from the Edgar Cayce readings and lately during my treadmill-times, I’ve begun to incorporate the Cayce breathing techniques during my runs which I realize as I type this… that I’ve made a union between the 12th and the 6th… and it’s the breath that does the uniting.

How do you unite this axis? What can you take from Virgo, the 6th, and Pisces, the 12th, so you can feel more balanced? 


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