Inject Certainty: What is Doubt?

Miss Mia of Mia Astral taught me a word today, a Spanish word, certeza. We were chatting on Twitter and she used the phrase “inject certainty,” which I loved because wow what a physical metaphor, a beautiful image. And when I laughed at the idea of “certainty,” she gave me certeza.  A gift of a word.

The context was Venus Saturn, and Mia was talking about inner knowing, when you realize with certainty that things are as they should be. And (in my words) banishing doubt. Well, the subject of faith and doubt of course reminds me of the Virgo/Pisces axis. Virgo being fearful and Pisces being faithful.

So here are my questions: what is doubt? What is certainty? What is faith? Do we ever truly absolve ourselves of doubt? I know Mia is a Sagittarius, which I think of as a strong sign, fire, positive, half beast, half human. Maybe that’s what gives them their strength: they remain part of the animal world. Instinct.

Virgo is the maiden, the virgin, the wheat 🙂 Pisces is the fish, the redemption, the redeemer. Is balance what is needed? As in all oppositions. That space that exists between doubt and faith and fear and certainty. My Virgo Rising/Virgo Moon/Virgo South Node can’t even imagine a world without fear.

It takes a Sagittarius, the Archer, the Adventurer,  to travel that road for us first, and bring back the good news.

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