50 Shades Of Crabby: A Masochist Grows Up, Part 2

"mercury retrograde"Part One is here!

This is just a fragment that I posted on Facebook, but wanted to put it on the blog too:

The quirky thing is that some folks have no clue about BDSM (and I mean in a real way, not in a cartoon way) and yet they clearly live BDSM lives unconsciously i.e. totally unaware of what they seek and that makes for confusing partnerships.

If they knew they could “play,” it would eliminate much confusion and sadness.

I knew a hetero couple once, both with a taste for violence. They had no framework to express their deep desires and power issues. Instead they would provoke each other and eventually the cops would come.

There are other options and you really can find a relationship to suit your needs. Know thyself!

Love, MP

PS I think I’ll write a dom/sub Tarot novel. Call it 9 1/2 Pentacles 😉

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