49 Things To Do Before The Full Moon In Capricorn

"full moon in capricorn"The Moon is at ZERO Capricorn. Here we go, folks!

Does this Full Moon feel extra important to you? It feels extra important to me. I think something is going to happen. Some thing. What could it be?

When you have such a feeling as I am having now, it’s fun to return to your chart and take note of the transit, the house and any aspects it makes. I know you know this. 🙂 Remember when I used to tell you to grab your coffee and your danish and to sit with your chart and contemplate it?

The Full Moon opposes the Sun in Cancer of course and this Full Moon is extra special, extra potent, extra wicked due to its conjunction to Pluto and square to Uranus, calling up THAT story being told in your life at this time.

It’s 5th House and 8th House for me. 

Now, wicked doesn’t have to be a bad word. In the immortal words of Lone Justice:

“Well there’s oh so many ways to be wicked. But you don’t know one little thing about love.”


Love, MP

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