40 Things To Do Before The Sun Leaves Gemini


"moon in cancer"

I went for a walk today, in search of inspiration for you guys, and I didn’t want to come home empty handed. Gemini rules the hands.

Sure, I could blog about celebrities and sex and Scorpios 😉 — no offense to my Scorpio friends — because those three things do bring traffic to the blog, but I’m just not in the mood and as the Sun heads towards Cancer? Living by your moods is required.

Cancers are the Kings and Queens of “But I don’t feeeeeeeeeel like it…”


The New Moon in Gemini has come and gone but that doesn’t mean your intentions have.  It’s not too late to plan or dream but have a snack while you are planning and dreaming, now that the Moon is in Cancer 🙂

Venus in Gemini is now at the magic number 8 which seems to be all the rage in the skies these days.

Do you have planets at 8 degrees? That’s where Uranus is. That’s where Pluto is. That’s where Venus is. And the Moon in Cancer will also hit 8 degrees of course, opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.

But before that, the Moon will trine Neptune and you water signs will be, literally, in your element.

How other signs can benefit from the water and the waves is by slowing down. Imagine not an ocean roar but a trickle from the tap.

Or, try this approach from my Book of Metaphors: 

1. dunk your head way way down

2. hold your breath

3. count to 5

4. resurface


Things to do before the Sun leaves Gemini: write a book, write in your diary, write a letter, write a blog entry, call your sister, call your brother, call your friends who feel like family, take a walk, ride your bike, drive somewhere, take pictures at the Greyhound bus terminal, talk too much, make too many phone calls, gossip, buy a new cell phone, don’t text and drive,  get nervous, buy two of something, touch a zephyr, go upstairs, translate a poem, write a poem, write a play, write a comment on MoonPluto Astrology, buy a ticket, take the subway, go for a run, trade a stock, send a postcard, listen to the radio, visit Rhode Island, get a manicure, get smart(er), read a book, sit at your desk, file something, get a forearm tattoo, BREATHE.

Love, MP

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