40 Things To Do Before The New Moon In Cancer

"new moon in cancer"1. find 26 degrees Cancer in your natal chart and then find any planet or angle at or around those degrees

2. call your mother (whether she’s living, dead, or in-between and how you want to define “call” is up to you!)

3. hug your child, your pet, whoever/whatever it is you take care of. Cancer is nurture-energy

4. hug yourself (oh you can do better than that!)

5. give self permission to hide in your shell

6. give self permission to come out of your shell

7. create a safe space around you, wherever you are. What colors do you see?  Who’s there with you?

8. set your New Moon Intention. Write it down. Fold it up. Put it someplace safe and special

9. set another. Repeat same.

10. Cancer “rules” the home so go home, okay?  You can go home now.

11. – 40. What you do when you get there…

Love, MP


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