The Stars This Week: Mercury Retrograde!

I like to ask OPEN QUESTIONS in my chat rooms. We talk all personal in there.

But I wanted to ask a question here too, as I sometimes do…. (this is from my Facebook page)


Music makes me feel alive. Exercise. Writing. I get that feeling.

And you? 

When you feel dead inside… how DO YOU get that feeling back?

And do you? Ever feel dead inside? THEN WHAT? How do you resurrect?

VENUS HAS GONE DIRECT, PEOPLE!  Bask in it bask in it bask in it!

We feel less… cold now, less cruel towards our loved ones. SATURN (Capricorn’s ruler) IS NOT WARM AND FUZZY. Venus is still in Capricorn yes but at least now is moving forward!

I know you feel this — even if you don’t want to admit it!!!!! You were SUCH A BITCH weren’t you? 😉 😉 😉


All in good time and not a moment sooner.

I am obsessively listening to Elton John. Since last night. The theme to Dog Day Afternoon. A song I could never forget. A favorite movie from early teen years. Never knew how to find that song, didn’t have a name, never thought to look it up. And then asked on Facebook last night. There’s only so much Elton John one should be allowed to indulge in, but I haven’t reached that point yet 😉

THE STARS THIS WEEK, highlights:

Jupiter trine Chiron on the 5th
Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th

The fish turns into the water bearer. We move from WATER (feeling) to AIR (mind). We must think again. Get it? We must THINK AGAIN! And again.

Mercury is only at 3 degrees Pisces before turning back. Chiron is at 11 degrees Pisces. Neptune at 4.

See, we’re not allowed YET to go this deep with our minds, our fingers, our toes, our mouths, not yet not yet not yet. We’re not allowed to be THIS FREE YET. Not allowed to dissolve. Or let go. We must back up into Aquarius so we can THINK AGAIN. Something needs your attention.

Jupiter trine Chiron: I think you find whatever it is you need most of all yes MOST OF ALL in your Pisces House, this week, wherever Chiron is transiting. Jupiter in Cancer is this… huge bear hug. Wrapping furry fuzzy arms around your bad memories and trigger sandwiches, which Venus in Capricorn retrograde kept poking at. More balm for your wounded places.

More to say about these two later in the week… Stay tuned!

Love, MP


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