When Your DO Is The Ten of Wands

"jupiter trine plutoA general card for the situation, a card for DO and a card for DON’T

Situation, advice, caution.

I do this spread daily. I got it from Rachel Pollack (got myself a reading from her a few years ago) but it’s been adapted a bit through use in the chat room – this isn’t strictly the spread she introduced to me.

And this morning my DO was the Ten of Wands. Always interesting when a “bad” card – what we think of as bad – is our advice.

I mean, wouldn’t you rather see Empress, Star, Ten of Cups, Three of Pentacles?

Ten of Wands. Okay. Seven of Wands (battle) as the DON’T.

don’t fight.
Don’t battle.
Pick your battles.
Don’t worry about victory.
Keep going.
Almost done.

Eden Gray has a cluster of bummer meanings before getting to the good one: PROBLEM SOLVED.

But maybe we need to explore the other ones too, such as:

carrying a burden of ill-regulated power. Hmm. Pluto IS opposing my Sun.

Refining test by fire (she writes). Heart tried by pain.

Sounds about right under my transits AND/OR this Saturn Neptune sky.

What transits are you under? Are you seeing any Tarot TENS? 


The JUNE Special is fast coming to a close. Not sure what’s happening in July yet, to be honest. If I will run it again, keep things normal or introduce something new. I do know I will return to video making. Mars retrograde in my 3rd House of communications has slowed me down…

Message me for details about the special, the Teaching Bundles, the Tarot & Astro subscriptions and other good stuff

2 thoughts on “When Your DO Is The Ten of Wands”

  1. I recently did the ladder spread again. My top of ladder card, where I want to be, was the ten of swords. How to get there? The eight of swords.

    It’s all actually very appropriate. I need to let one dream die so I can commit to another and let it grow. My how to heal what holds me back card was the empress. Part of me needs to die, but another part is being birthed.

    Also makes sense because of my transits. Pluto still in my 11th on my stellium. And Mars opposing my natal Mars 3 times.

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