What She Say: Uranus Square Mercury (By Transit)

"uranus square sun" One of my many LIBERATING transits at this time:

Uranus (sudden, jarring, surprising, creative, genius, WTF, crazy, weird, unique, revolutionary) square Mercury (speech, writing, communications).

Uranus square Mercury is a FULL BODY WAVE. IT IS NOT STRAIGHT.

What am I NOT being liberated from? Hard to say, when Uranus is squaring my Sun (me) and Mercury (my mind).

I’m being liberated from my youth, from my health as I knew it, my sexuality as I knew it, the shitty boundaries I used to have. My desires are changing. What I want is changing. My values. My body. My mind.

Hard transits to your Sun WILL change your life. It won’t just be an “inner” transit. But if it is? Consider yourself LUCKY. That you came to change on your own, without an inciting incident(s). If you’re still one of those people who romanticizes her hard transits (Saturn yay!) I just have…. well… I just have no comment about that. You may need a shiny happy people healing journey blog – not a My Transits Are Trying To Kill Me Blog.



"uranus square sun" This morning a client wrote me a thank you note, which was so sweet!

She was thanking me for my honesty! That it inspired her. Thank Uranus square my Mercury, my friend!

She’s an artist and was telling me about… learning to be more vulnerable in her art which I think is super cool and I wish her luck and strength along those lines.

I also remember she’s a Capricorn Rising although I don’t remember which degree. Is Uranus squaring her too? Maybe…

My wish for her is that she speak without fear. My wish for me is that I speak without fear, write without fear, be without fear, despite the detractors and the naysayers and the advice givers with their bad advice, and the social climbers and the… yeah. I will continue to call it as I see it as long as I am under this transit. I think I always have to some extent but expect an increase. TRUTH IS ON THE RISE IN MOONPLUTOLAND! And it won’t be pretty. It’s a SQUARE not a trine, not a sextile. It will be rude at times, messy, sassy, unpleasant, and not always right. But it will be true. 

My other general wish is for my female (straight) clients to stop chasing, begging men.
Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve done it! So I do empathize!!!!

But listen:  any man who can’t communicate like a grown-man (i.e. not playing games, refusing to reciprocate) isn’t worth your time.

I see nothing wrong with getting a reading (or obsessing with your best friends) trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED or how to do your part “better” (i.e. do you keep choosing unavailable men) or insight into his personality (and yours).

But if you find yourself obsessing over what he is or isn’t doing? (Like returning that text or call.) You’ve got a problem. And it ain’t him. Know what I’m saying? Think about that for a minute. And look in the mirror. The one that shows you your insides. And study your natal chart. The minute you start doing that SHOULD (he should do this, he should do that, he should like me this way, he should want me, he should have texted me, etc)? You’ve given your power away. Which is a waste of your precious time.

Nothing wrong with being straight 🙂 Nothing wrong with loving men, wanting to be with a man. But PLEASE have a little pride, have a little grace. And don’t chase.