Welcome Mars In Virgo (Part Three!!)

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Ideally, Virgo is small, fast, and efficient. Gets the job done.

The 6th house is Virgo’s “natural” house, the house of small animals, pets.

Manageable, right?

Unlike the vast 12th house of horses and lions of the imagination and monsters in closets and under the bed.

But obsessive worry, even panic, insecurity, criticism of self and others, fussing over details and over-thinking EVERYTHING could potentially ruin your Mars in Virgo experience (and hey this blog post in and of itself IS Virgo worry over what *could* happen).

What to do? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff, Virgo!

And yet you will.

Mars in Virgo is Virgo MONSTER TRUCK, and a few sentences ago I was talking about monsters in the closet (or wherever you have them) but listen:

at least in the 6th House you can SEE THEM. Unlike the mysterious 12th House. And there are those of us with a 6th/12th opposition and we get all flippy floppy between letting it go and holding on so tight our fingers bleed.


Let’s assume your Mars in Virgo transit inspires some discipline in you, starts getting you healthy and wise and mastering your monkey mind, and healing puppies and kittens and other beings, trees, humans, rocks, from whatever ails them, VIRGO = SERVICE AND SELF IMPROVEMENT — what to do when the MONSTER TRUCK of obsessive worry and nasty words (criticizing self and others) threatens to colonize your beautiful witchy mind.

How to be helpful without hurting? Mars in Virgo wants to help really really badly!

Well, my friends, it’s the 12th House again: the house of the prison but also the house of escape. Virgo needs Pisces (faith) and vice versa. Virgo needs Sagittarius (optimism) and vice versa (Does Virgo need Gemini?  Eh not so much. They are both Mercury- ruled and too much Mercury = scattered and myopic and multi-tasking without completion).

Here’s my advice, and Virgo almost always has advice, whether you want it or not 😉 from the Tarot:

1. Just go. Can you just go? Walk away from it? 8 of Cups

2. Grieve yes but really you don’t need it anymore. 5 of Cups. Not dead yet. In fact, very much alive. Two FULL cups

3. Keep going. The Chariot. I SAID “KEEP GOING”

I have a couple of phobias. Things that scare me. I know how it is to not feel free. I hate elevators for example. I will walk up 14 flights of stairs when cat sitting instead of going in the tiny electric box.

I would love to 8 of Cups it. Just walk away. But I’m not there yet.

Accept yourself. Accept where you’re at. Where you’re at is fine. Die knowing you were fine, even when you were afraid.  For Mars in Virgo you don’t have to get over it. What you could get over though is… hating yourself for it.

See, in the 8 of Cups image, the figure in the red cloak is on his way. The cups are still there. In fact, the cups are looming large. That’s you in there 🙂 That’s your past. You became afraid for a reason. When it’s time to let it go, you’ll let it go. You will.

And maybe you can imagine yourself, at least, a little less imprisoned, a little more free.

From my 6th House to yours 🙂

Big Love,



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