Weekend Tarot Forecast For Everyone Everywhere

"weekend tarot forecast"I’m going to pull some Tarot cards for the weekend but even before I do that I feel I already know what the theme of the cards will be:

Emperor’s new clothes. Things not being what they are. Reality check. Saturn (reality) vs. Neptune (illusion). Mercury goes direct and the truth IS HERE. Even the truth of Venus’ extended stay in Gemini IS HERE.

And the truth might be sad a little or mad a little. Or glad a little, for some of you.

But it’s the truth. Suddenly I feel the need for  Ella Fitzgerald – Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered I am your D.J. I am what I play 😉

And now the cards:

(Digression: I am so excited about the class! So excited that I already have ideas for the next one! The next will be “about” creativity and your 5th House.)

Weekend Tarot–

1. What’s up with the mood, hmm? What are you refusing? Arms folded across your chest. Give love to get more love. It works that way sometimes. But you’re feeling kinda… well… you just don’t wanna. That’s okay. Just notice it. And notice the people around you and what they are offering.

What exactly are they offering? Anything good? And do you want it? Maybe you need to translate what they are saying. Maybe they are saying I LOVE YOU but it sounds like a burp in your ears.

2. Another card about the mood! Worries, anxiety, fretting, finishing the story before you open the book. This card also speaks to me of the animals (the wild) in your life. Oh my how they love you. Again this message of love. Notice it coming at you from… where? How often do you not notice it? Lost in translation. Saturn vs. Neptune. Reality vs. What You Thought It Was

Shake off the mood like water from a lettuce leaf or… howl at the Moon. Either will do.

3. Last week I was predicting “news” for people. News connected to problems you wanted to solve or past projects. A Mercury Retrograde kind of thing. And what I am seeing here is a taking flight kind of feeling.

At first you were all nah.

And then you felt afraid once you set it in motion.

And now? you’re doing it.

One more card: do you imagine, visualize, the success you want? Or do you merely bemoan your lack of it? Complaint is only the first step.


Love, MP

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