Weekend Love Tarot

"uranus square pluto"

But first some astrology: on Saturday, the Moon in Scorpio goes Void of Course late afternoon, Big City time, and then enters Sagittarius. Those Void of Course hours have a shimmering impermanence to them and what this means is that if you break up with your love muffin between 3:46 PM and 6:04 PM, the break-up may not last.

Sunday the Moon is inย Sagittarius all day. If you can manage it, step outside not only your comfort zone but into the big free world. The Moon makes all kinds of aspects on Saturday and Sunday but ignore them, like a Sag would ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s your Tarot Love Forecast for this weekend:

1.Someone may pop up out of the blue. Thought they were gone for good? Nope. They may pop up in your mind or pop up in real life but pop up they will!

What does it mean?

2. Your lack of rolling out the red carpet may surprise your old love but no matter. Keep calm. Don’t be so emotional. See what they have to say.

And the result?

3. Well, free will exists but here’s one possibility. The immoveable force that is your love life will keep being immoveable for the time being. Do not expect clear solutions or fanfare.

Guidance card?

4. Ugh! Tarot is not giving me guidance with this one. Instead what I see is you needing, once again, to calm the fuck down.

Next card and PLEASE let us have some Guidance ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Whew. THANK YOU, Tarot Gods! The guidance feels very Moon in Sag to me and brings us back to the beginning of this post. When in doubt or if you feel low, embrace the cheerful, physical weekend Moon. Go for a walk, keep your thoughts bright, get plenty of Vitamin D, and…

6. Let us know what happens! You won’t solve this “problem” overnight. It’s a Uranus square Pluto problem actually so… dig in. Don’t be afraid. What choice do you have? This is your one and only life so LIVE it.

Love, MP

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