Weekend Love Forecast!

"moon in pisces"There are some things you cannot understand yet because you are too young. But you’ll learn. And I say this to you as I say it to myself 🙂 Be patient.

Saturday: the Moon is in Pisces. She will conjunct Neptune, square Jupiter, sextile Pluto, and then square Venus. Busy Moon! But a good one for love. Romantic with a dollop of M. Butterfly 😉

Sunday: the Moon trines the Sun in Cancer in the morning and then is Void of Course all day until Monday morning!

Have your heart to heart on Saturday, not on Sunday. Void of Course Moons are not the times for making plans, emotional or otherwise!

And Monday is my birthday 🙂

But here come The Cards!

Dear Tarot: give us the 411 for Love this weekend:

You at this time: you want it all. Will you have it?

Now I drew three more cards but I want to write about them holistically and tell you this: as ready as you are? They (he or she) aren’t as ready as you are. Now this doesn’t mean failure. It means scarred but smarter. It’s been a war. You’re still standing. I get the feeling this reading doesn’t have to be about love. It’s about any goal, any project you are working on. Don’t quit. Drive that Chariot home 🙂

Love, MP

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