Vesta On Fire

"new moon in virgo"We’ve been talking about Vesta in MoonPluto Land today.

Roman Goddess of the household. Keeper of the flame. Maintainer. Human torch. Passionate devotee. Celibate. Married to the daily ritual, keeping homes and cities safe. Sexual sublimation. Mastering her kundalini.

Well, a vestal virgin HAD to master her kundalini because to abandon her ritual duties or to let the fire go out would end badly for her. Very VERY badly.

MY Vesta is conjunct my Ascendent and South Node. In Virgo. EEK. I am not supposed to be a nun in this lifetime (South Node shows what we already know how to do) and I have gone to the other extreme (which is a Vesta-type trait) but always seeking the same thing: sex as spirit.

I also have a 12th House Venus. Themes tend to repeat in charts.

And isn’t it interesting that Vesta is associated with both Virgo and Scorpio (protective signs) but her job was to keep the FIRE burning. Protector of fire. Right there is my argument for the compatibility of fire people with water/earth people.

Have you found your Vesta yet? 

Love, MP

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