Venus Saturn in Real Life

I’m really feeling my Venus Saturn these days. I feel love (Venus) and I feel fear (Saturn). And Saturn direct will sextile my natal Venus in the coming months. And Venus rules my natal Saturn (in Taurus). This is how astrology works: you get the same message once, twice, three times, more. It’s a puzzle and the pieces are scattered all over the floor. And suddenly they have strings, they are puppets. They start to dance into place.

Venus square Saturn is one of my pet topics ๐Ÿ™‚ Love and Fear, Love and Work, Love and Restriction, Love and Delay, Love and Limitation, Love and Caution, Love and Death, Love and Time. Beauty… and the Beast. Yes, for this Cancer Sun, Saturn is beastly, harsh, cold, more exacting than the worst Virgo tantrum.

What does one do for Venus Saturn? Here’s one thing you must do: you must vigorously examine all your habits and patterns when you meet someone. Venus Saturn people are masters of self-sabotage. They think they are so ugly, so unworthy, so rejectable, that they reject the other long before the first date is made. This can be conscious or unconscious. ย Venus is your power to attract, your vibrancy. Saturn is like tape over your mouth, over your entire body. Double-sided tape : And the tape, on both sides, has thorns on it. You cut people so… how do you expect anyone to get close?

Note to self: to be continued

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