Venus In The 12th House Wants To Be Free

"moon pluto"
Are you free?

People with Venus in the 12th House wish they didn’t have bodies. They want to transcend them.

That there’s something more, better, higher. But the body is the way IN to the soul. Like sex. The penetrative act is an entering of the body and it leads to the creation of a new soul, baby or not.

I’ve never been a doll. Not my personality. Pride-love in my Venus in Leo hair maybe (probably because other people remark on it) but I’m not into make-up or clothes, never was. Not my Venus.

What’s your Venus like? What is she into?ย 

Not saying I want to look ugly ๐Ÿ™‚ but I don’t wake up in the morning wondering how I can attract. And maybe I should. (Oh there’s that should again! Don’t you hate The Should?)

I wake up as Moon Pluto sextile Neptune in my 3rd House. I want to WRITE.

Now I do understand that everybody is different and I do not judge anyone’s obsession. My roommate needs a half hour minimum for her make-up before she leaves the house. Has closets full of dresses and swears she has nothing. She’s a Taurus ๐Ÿ˜‰ quadruple Taurus.

But the tyranny of waxing and plucking and smoothing and false eyelashes and… I just don’t know what to say to all that and I see it everywhere. Then again I live in a very beauty-conscious city.

I have Venus in the 12th House, the house of the hidden, and it is t-squared, and this is but one way a 12th House Venus, t-squared, can play out. As a rejection of Venus, so to speak. I can explain more if this is confusing to you.

Incidentally, my Mars is better aspected and more aspected than my Venus and beauty to me is taking the stairs instead of the escalator when I exit Penn Station. Feeling the strength through my legs, feeling my heart feeling better since I stopped smoking.

What do you wake up as? Who?ย 

Venus in the 12th House wants to transcend. Can she? Will she? Does she? And you? Do you?

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