Venus In Capricorn (Part Two): Love & Fear

I like the upcoming VENUS IN CAPRICORN transit.

I feel it is “just enough” for her to get her message across.

She dances through almost the entire sign and then goes back to the mid-degrees, 13 degrees Capricorn.

How clear the message comes across is UP TO YOU.


Do the work. Pay attention. Be mindful. These are not just WORDS on my part. This is something you must DO. It’s very Virgo and Mars is in Virgo so you have extra POWER here to pay attention to the details, take nothing for granted. Practice, not perfection.

So Venus moves through Capricorn the rest of November and then it’s not until December 21st (at 28 degrees) that she goes retrograde. Then moving forward at the very bottom of January and we only get ONE exact pass of her tangling with the Pluto/Uranus square. She’ll also sextile Chiron at that time. I think this is VERY big news for you (and you and you).

Primary instructions: dig around your room for 7/8/9/10 degrees: check your angles, check your earth and water, check the cardinal signs in your chart.

Venus in Capricorn is tender (even FRAGILE) on the inside. Seemingly calculating on the outside. Definitely cautious. Your lust for the material world (think the DEVIL card in the Tarot) is only part of your life-path. Beneath the surface you are easily hurt and FEAR being easily hurt so you hide behind a wall of achievement, and “certainty.” But helllllloooooooo in there little goat! We seeeeeeeeee yooooouuuuuuuuu 😉

Venus will adorn bitchy Pluto. Venus will quarrel with Uranus the Great AWAKENER and LIBERATOR and SHEEEEEET DEEEEESTUUUUUUURBERRRRRRRR.

What to do?

Locate 9 degres Capricorn and 9 degrees Aries in your chart.

This is your little wing, your PORTAL. Your way in.

Way in to WHAT, MoonPluto?

TRUE LOVE 🙂 And define that however you want.

Venus in Capricorn is a Venus Saturn (LESSONS, tests)  interchange and suddenly what I’m feeling is a game of outer planet TWISTER. Ever hug a Capricorn? They feel about to break. During this transit you’ll see, feel, how bendy they really are. STRETCH ARMSTRONG!

Or think of it this way. All the ways you HOLD YOURSELF BACK, all the ways you let FEAR (Saturn) run your life? Will be challenged by wrecking-ball Pluto and I-AM-SOOOOO-GONE Uranus.

Even if this influence (like the transit) is temporary, it is meaningful and, because it is VENUS, more fun (yes, even in CAPRICORN).

Love, MP

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