Uranus In Taurus (Part Two Of Many): What Does Uranus In Taurus Mean For Taurus Sun/Rising?

"uranus in taurus"
A few thoughts, dear Taurus: 

Talk to an Aries.

Uranus is leaving their sign. They can tell you better than anyone at this time what it might feel like, but do remember they had a URANUS PLUTO square in their life for years and Taurus folks will have a Uranus Pluto TRINE. Big difference! Better! Squares cause problems and thus solutions, but trines make life easier. Also, Saturn is in Capricorn for the first part of Uranus in Taurus. Think about that. Saturn, Uranus, Pluto ALL in earth signs! Grand trine in earth (by sign).

Uranus energy is disruptive. It’s not nice. It’s not pretty. You know how I’m always saying that Saturn is not Venus? Uranus is not Venus either. Uranus is not about MAKING NICE. Uranus is about, well, making messes. And these can be creative messes or messy messes or a little of both. One silver lining is that we usually have more than one transit going on at a time so if you are heading towards a challenging Uranus transit you are bound to be under something easier as well. If Uranus is about to enter your First House, you know change is coming to your town, to your life. Shake ups and break ups.

Once Uranus enters your sign and starts to move around a little, you may not recognize yourself, dear Taurus. You may not recognize how you think, how you feel, what you do, what you want. It’s that big. It’s that important. Uranus on your Sun or Ascendent in particular will change you. So the question is: what do you want to change?

Now I’m not saying that you go to the Uranus restaurant and sit down and order something off the Uranus menu. That’s not how it works but I recommend you have your own plan going (Saturn in Capricorn supports that) to counterbalance, even in a small way, the liberation themes of Uranus in your life.

More to come, my friends

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