Transiting Mars Through The 12th And Other Slow Rides

When trust is broken, what choice do you have?

You can let it fester.

You can forgive and forget.

You can forgive and not forget.

There are some other choices too. There is always a choice.

Make one.

Venus enters Scorpio tonight and Scorpio, it is said, is ruthless, for better or worse.

I have known Scorpio to protect their loved ones beyond reason and beyond the law.

And I have known Scorpio to pray for their enemies to suffer.

And I know I know there may be some Scorpio out there who says oh no that’s not me. Funny. Have YOU ever come across a Scorpio who didn’t know they were a Scorpio? It really does exist 😉

WHATEVER you choose, says Venus in Scorpio, be ruthless. Commit to it. ‘Til death to you part from that choice.


Is Mars transiting my 12th House yet? Maybe. I need to check to be sure.

It must be. I am feeling it already. Dark. Darker. Darkest.

And I remembered just now as I was fighting my dark that no no no no no — better to embrace it. Make a friend there. Better to come here and write about it. Write about trust and betrayal and nausea.

If you are going through a difficult transit, match the energy with SOMETHING.

Something you can do with it, for it.

The other day I was writing about the value of just feeling it. Not doing anything. And I believe that has its place.

But some emotion-states NEED MORE.

Mars NEEDS MORE. Mars needs expression.

And through the 12th House, it’s time to meet your maker. Not die. I don’t mean die.

I mean… MAKE CONTACT. Ruthlessly and without limit. THAT, to me, is a 12th House Mars transit. Unlimited rage, yes. And possibly the unlimited dark.

But also the unlimited (12th House) Divine. VAST FIRMAMENT.

Whatever you are feeling: from elation to hate, USE IT.

Don’t reject yourself. That’s my main message here.

What transits are you under? 

Love, MP


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