Transit Du Jour: Saturn Conjunct Neptune (in the 11th House)

I’m not 100% today. Under the weather so I postponed readings. Fingers crossed the rest of the week proceeds as planned 🙂

And even though I’ve postponed the heart and mind work of astro/tarot, I really wanted to come here and blog a little.

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So I was writing person X, asking her what she wanted me to write about, and she told me that even when she wasn’t admitting it to me 😉 my intuition has been spot-on with her — so she told me to just choose whatever topic I wanted. Thus, this post is for Person X! You know who you are 🙂

And what I want to talk about is Saturn. Saturn coming to sit on Miss X’s Neptune.

Now a lot of us are going through this — because Neptune is a generational planet and for Miss X it’s in orb now.

I have to be honest though — I LIKE this transit for Miss X.

Miss X is a PISCES and Neptune is nowhere near conjunct her Sun. YET.

She NEEDS this transit NOW. Miss X needs (in my humble opinion) a little Saturn in Scorpio smash and trash on her Neptune so she can  windshield-wipe away some of the gauze and veil and stardust.

After all, she’s having a Jupiter 7th House transit.

What’s up with your love life, Miss X? What ISN’T up with your love life? Jupiter is BIG. Jupiter is a lot. Mums the word, my sweet. Your secrets are safe with me — but I will tell you this:

Saturn on your Neptune in the House of Your Fondest Hopes and Dreams (the 11th) is a COME TO JESUS picnic in the park like no other. I call it the KILL YOUR IDOLS transit. That magic amulet bracelet you’ve been wearing has long since proven its ineffectiveness, correct?

Saturn is calling. No — Saturn is STOMPING in knee-high, high-end black leather boots. NO ILLUSION NO ILLUSION NO ILLUSION. Your dreams have eluded you for a lifetime. And by dreams I mean… knowing what you want and how to get it. Knowing who is on your side and can help versus… gauze and veil and stardust.

Saturn squaring Mercury and Venus (AND your Jupiter) will bring this home in a BIG BIG way.

Talk to you soon xoxo

Love, MP


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