Thoughts On The 4th House: Home, Roots, Returning

"4th house in astrology"Started talking about the Houses in MoonPluto Land this morning, the class I’m doing. (We’re only on Day Four so newcomers are welcome).

Yesterday, a group member mentioned an exercise where she sets an intention for each house of the wheel and folks wanted a little tour. You guys know I love the houses and the keywords. She cautioned us as well. That it’s a powerful tool. Be careful what you wish for, she said.

So I posted already and took us through houses One through Four. An introduction.

House One: who you are, including your personality and appearance. Your Ascendent is the “cusp” line to House One i.e. where House One begins.

House Two: what you value, what you have,what you earn. House Three: how you think. This house also shows clues about your mental stability, mental health, potential mental “issues” good, bad, or neutral.

House Four: home.

There are more keywords of course, more meanings but I was fascinated by the richness, in particular of the 2nd and the 4th and how the 2nd seemed so clearly Venusian to me, what you earn being related to what you attract which is a Venus topic. The law of attraction begins here, I wrote. Venus and Taurus: the natural ruler and sign of the 2nd House.

And then with the 4th House I remembered hearing (learning? reading?) that this is the point where the soul enters the chart (your life) and I thought about my own 4th House with Sagittarius on the cusp.

I think this why I have always felt at home with Sagittarius even though Sagittarius will inconjunct (a tense aspect) my Sun (and Mercury and Mars) — because Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) ruling my 4th House means I feel at home with them. I want to live with them. They feel like family. They make me feel secure. They DO secure me. I have had Sagittarius roots all through my life (Sun in Sag that is).

Here’s my theory: we must grow into our 4th House. Even though we are born there, we are separated from it and must find our way back.

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