Thoughts On Saturn Opposition Saturn & Other Hard Transits

We were watching Gravity the other night. Watched it in two parts. I forget why. Maybe it was late the first night and I got tired. Anyway, so we finished watching it the other night and the movie reminded me of transits. The way transits bang you around, yeah in outer space, or so it feels, and you are always struggling to hold on. And then another comes and another and another, another event set off by the transit or another transit perfecting.
"uranus square sun"
I had years like this — Saturn in Virgo was one disaster after another in a landscape of disaster. I remember this one day… I lost my playwriting group (which was my solace, my community). This woman thought I had betrayed her and she kicked me out. My grandmother died. And a client I was very close to got re-homed and I never saw him again (yes, a dog). Also I was in a failing, unhappy relationship living in the worst neighborhood with the worst (i.e. loudest) neighbors. This was just the beginning. Oh and I remember too… moving into an apartment that I couldn’t afford (I had gotten kicked out of the previous one) and a client died, my biggest/best client, two days after moving in. Didn’t know how I was going to survive.

I heard this as I was waking up this morning: if you don’t begin asserting your will – OVER YOUR OWN LIFE – these transits will run you into the ground. And then: you will be used. You will be used up.

I still have some of those movie images in my head: when Bullock takes off her heavy space suit for the first time and she’s curling in fetal position, suspended, no gravity. This is how it feels. Sometimes. Longing for the womb. Projecting yourself back into the womb. Crazy flying space objects crashing into you. Holding on for dear life. Giving up. Holding on for dear life. Giving up. Holding on for dear life.

Giving up.

I’m just beginning this process, with Uranus and Pluto. I’m in the middle of it with my Saturn opposition and I’m still figuring it out, what it means for me, beyond all the cookbooks and textbooks and professional opinions.

Every transit is about growing up. Getting us that much closer to death.

And then we have these years, all these years, in between.

In the chat room last night, I mentioned that I talked to my Uncle. We don’t talk that often. Always loved him. He said as he gets older, family becomes more important. Yeah, Uncle, I’ve been feeling that for about… .17 years now. Since my mother died, his sister. He doesn’t live that far away. We talk about family reunions, about getting together. He has a son nearby. Two birds with one stone. I’ll invite our cousin too. You can stay with me. Not much room, but you can stay. So we’ll see. In either case, I’ll start calling him every Sunday. He had mentioned that he is supposed to call his son every Sunday but sometimes he doesn’t.

See? Things fall apart under hard transits, yes they do. But you can also put things together, back together. Start a chain reaction.

Love, MP

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Saturn Opposition Saturn & Other Hard Transits”

  1. Love how you wrote this and often what you write eerily parallels my own experience. I have Scorpio Rising and Scorpio NNode and since Saturn has been in Scorpio my life has been just as you have described yours was when Saturn was in Virgo.
    Majorly tested in my long term rel.ship
    Noisy, noisy neighbours
    Financial strains
    the list goes on
    What you said about asserting your will, that was brilliant and I was like wow, just last night I had two confront two different neighbours that I am affected by their on going noise issues. I stood my ground, firm and strong and calm yet not taking any BS and for now it seems to have worked, for someone who has struggled in issues where it feels like a power imbalance that was huge for me. Thanks for writing your insights on t he feelings that go with heavy transits. It really had an effect on me, a great positive one :)

    1. When I used to confront the neighbors, I was scared. But I did it. It didn’t work. Even the landlady coming over and talking to them didn’t work. But then when I moved into another place… of course noise would follow me. Different neighbor but noise. And I went right downstairs and told him: “Hey, I don’t know why. Maybe no one ever complained before, but the noise is right under my bedroom” — and we didn’t have a problem since. And now I live in a blessedly silent place. Other issues but mostly quiet. Oh Saturn is in your 1st House. That’s why. I know some folks don’t have as bad a Saturn transiting the 1st as I had. But for me it was a brutal transit.

      1. Thanks for your reply Aliza, well Saturn hasn’t even made it to my 1st yet it is still in my 12th house where I have Uranus (has already conjuncted my Uranus in Scorp) thankfully last year, phew!

        But yeah sleep seems to be an issue with this one, lack of it.

        I’m HOPING by the time Saturn gets to my 1st house…mmm is it naive to hope things will get better, I have been working damn hard under this Saturn transiting my 12th. My chart is very Earthy with my personal planets having lots of aspects from Saturn, ‘mostly sextiles, a trine to my Ascendant and Saturn conjunct my Mars in Leo’. I digress, I feel pretty darn worn out at this point. Saturn will reach my first house end of this year.

  2. My last Saturn opp Saturn, my mother was on her deathbed from a burst appendix. I was 15 and my mother and I had been fighting endlessly just before she went to the hospital (because I was 15).
    The fall out of that was devastating. Worse because I resisted talking to anyone (including her). I didn’t have the words to tell her how scared I was or how much I loved her. I wanted to lie down and die an orphan. But then spring came. My mother survived. She started a very slow process of healing as she took leave from work. She was home every day I came home from school and we talked. She discovered the wonder that is daytime tv. And syndicated episodes of FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR! And we bonded.

    When she was able to walk again, she took me to get a makeover, we went shopping for feminine new clothes for me (clothes that weren’t shapeless and all-black). But most of all, we were changed. Our relationship changed and so did we as individuals.

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