Thoughts On Saturn In Scorpio & Do You Wish You Were A Scorpio? (Or Any Other Sign)

"saturn in scorpio"

I used to read the Horoscopes in the daily paper when I was a kid and already was picking up on some kind of mystery vibe around Scorpio. My mother was a Scorpio. I’m a Cancer Sun.

Once I finally learned that there was more to the chart besides the Sun, I was disappointed to discover that I only had Neptune in Scorpio, which is generational.

BUT THEN when I found out I had a prominent, 1st House Pluto (conjunct my Virgo Moon) I was, for a moment, relieved.

And eventually I began to understand that a Scorpio Sun presented differently than a Scorpio Moon or someone with a 1st House Pluto or  a Sun Pluto aspect or a Moon Pluto aspect.

(Side issue: I do find that people with a packed 8th House remind me of either 1. Moon square Pluto or 2. Moon in Scorpio.)


I was talking to a Sun square Pluto friend on the phone yesterday and sharing with him my thoughts on the generation of Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio people. How Neptune had Neptuned, had mystical-ed, mystified some of the killing/thriving edge of Scorpio nature. That they seem more confused to me than Scorpios from other generations. This is also the Uranus Pluto conjunct generation. There’s something about us…. I think we stay lost longer than others. Maybe that’s a better word for it “lost” more than “confused” although it can be both.

Not saying these folks don’t achieve but… my generation really does seem to wander longer, eternal students (not that I judge that at all), or toiling away at crappy jobs for way too long and seething with anger on the inside for decades.

I think Sun conjunct Neptune in the natal can really leave a person feeling rudderless. It’s like… how much inner work can one man do? You go inside and inside and inside and inside and inside and then what? It can be hard to move forward when your head is permanently in the clouds and Neptune can do that to a person.


And ya know, side issue but not really, when I think about Saturn in Scorpio I think about loyalty, how collectively we will be questioning what is and isn’t worth it, what we are willing to let go, what we are willing to let die.

Saturn is the work we must do, lessons to be learned, Saturn is time, timing, Karma, but also fear. We will come face to face with what we fear about getting close, closer than Libra and its emphasis on making nice.

Scorpio wants it real or not at all (that’s the ideal anyway). And Saturn sets a limit so imagine Saturn in Scorpio conjunct the generation of Sun-conjunct-Neptune-in-Scorpio people. Feels like a cosmic WAKE UP.

With Saturn in Scorpio we will be compelled to REALLY make it real ;) especially in the house of our chart where he transits. AND YET we will feel limited in how far we can go. Like, every which way we try to penetrate? Nope. Not here. Not now. Not yet. Hold on. Gimme a minute…

Talk about the big squeeze… Scorpio can be very all or nothing and Saturn says STOP.

But, says Saturn in Scorpio, if you can get clear about what your inner Pluto needs and you do the work? Then you’ll be reborn. Reborn as you. You, free.


Questions? Comments? Thoughts? A wonderful holiday weekend to those who celebrate such!


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17 thoughts on “Thoughts On Saturn In Scorpio & Do You Wish You Were A Scorpio? (Or Any Other Sign)”

  1. you’re kind to say that, aliza. and i hope so, as they -words – are the main fabric in my sails.

    gonna check around here some more, particularly on saturn in scorpio, as it’s a placement (not mine) that intrigues me.

  2. Hmmm. Rudderless. Well, I’m sure many of those observing my life would agree. My feeling is something more along the lines of I’ve got the rudder and it’s in the water but it’s a damn big ocean and the island in the distance is closer meter by slow meter, but I do get a little – or a lot – impatient, listing in the doldrums, waiting for a stiff breeze to fill my sails.

    In the meantime – and there’ve been some mean and lean times – the fishing’s great, I’ve learned the value of sunscreen, and that you point the bow at the waves rather than take them broadside.

    Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, fifth house (sextiled by Moon/Pluto Virgo, third).

    You raise interesting issues here, and all levity aside, yes, there is a driftiness – drifting dynamic, anyway – to my experience of life. And a certain fatigue that can settle into the Spirit from time to (long) time.

    One certainly learns a broad perspective of the different aspects of “achievement.”

  3. I am a Saturn square Neptune person, and I once had someone told me I am like a chameleon regarding my personality…

  4. really just learning all of this; have neptune in scorpio 17 degrees in house 7, sun conjunct neptune in 7 degrees, also part of uranus pluto conjunct generation!

    i havent felt rudderless actually, i love spirituality and transformation, have participated for years in landmark education…just feel good now for some reason…i am a freelance entertainment journalist and have done well tho well is relative lol

    it’s all so interesting :) 47 never married lol interested in a 24 year old who is an old soul–so so neptune!

  5. Saturn is still in Libra, but I already sort of feel a Saturn in Scorpio vibe- possibly because Saturn is currently right on top of my natal Pluto. If this is what it’s actually like, it’s much more comfortable to me than Saturn in Libra. It may just be because of an aesthetic preference on my part (if Saturn in Libra is a rose garden left untended, Saturn in Pluto feels like a winter desert), but Saturn seems to do better with Pluto/Scorpio energy than with Venus/Libra energy.

    I have a Sun sign inferiority complex. I’m a Pisces, but I don’t really feel like one, and I’m kind of ashamed of the sign, in general. Scorpio seems so much more glamourous and together; it’s all of the Plutonian intensity and willpower, mellowed and warmed slightly by the Sun. Neptunian stuff just brings me down, as does my Libra Ascendant.

  6. Hi Aliza,
    I have Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio which trines my pluto-uranus conjunction in Virgo. Saturn tackled my asc-venus conjunction in Libra. That was tough because I have t-pluto on my IC squaring asc-Venus and t-uranus opposite the same. I am also dealing with a Mars return, soon Jupiter return, chiron

  7. I have sun square neptune and I know all about feeling rudderless. I should add that my sun is in pisces… yep.

    Would the conjunction be more overpowering in this way? I know the square suggests friction and the need to overcome a conflict between the two planets involved..

    I have a libra stellium in the 8th which includes saturn, and I am definitely all or nothing in relationships and in love, but I’d like to think that saturn in the 8th (which I know is not exactly the same as in scorpio), while bringing fears and obstacles, allows me to learn the most serious and important lessons in my life in this domain, and successfully. I hope ;)

  8. Dear Aliza,
    I am so ready for Saturn to enter Scorpio to get some real work done and some real truth to be put out on the table. I am so sick and tired of all this relationship focus and subsequent karma these past few years. Perhaps because the greatest betrayals and hurts have come from relationships these past couple of years. At least with Scorpio, it’s all or nothing and you’re either on my side or not. There’s a lot to be said for that.
    Happy Easter to you,

  9. I have neptune at 2 Scorpio and sun at 5 scorpio, and yes, I’ve felt rudderless all my life. It’s in the sixth house and this plays out especially in the work area, where I seem to give people a whole range of impressions that don’t reflect who I am. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on this aspect. I have Pluto sextile Neptune in early Virgo.

  10. I have sun conjunct Neptune in early Scorpio (about three degrees apart) and yes, I would say that I definitely have felt rudderless all my life. I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this. Pluto sextiles my Neptune almost exactly from early Virgo.

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