Thirsty Virgo In Search Of Truth Finds Water Instead

"moon pluto conjunction"

I’m obsessed with clarity. Needing to be understood. Wanting to understand.

That’s one way my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo manifests. Moon Pluto obsesses and Virgo idealizes (!) clarity.

And how with a little distance we can get some.

I was writing yesterday and lately that clarity is hard to find these days. Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and now Neptune are retrograde. (Clarity sounds like a girl’s name. A nice girl. A Virgo girl. She waits her turn.)

What’s happening in your life? Are you clear? Are you High Priestessing your days through the retrograde soup? Or are you fighting the energy, trying to fix.

Okay. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. But when in doubt… wait.

That Louise Hay quote that I posted yesterday: “Give the Universe a chance to find the solution to your so-called problem.”


In other news, the Moon in Aquarius is done trining Saturn (support for your feelings) and and moves into super psychic Pisces this afternoon, Big City time. Yes, you will feel more sensitive. You will absorb like Bounty, the quicker-picker-upper.

Mercury in Cancer (the current collective mind) will trine the Moon in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts Neptune and then Chiron (today/tomorrow).

You may have no choice but to High Priestess your way through the weekend. Dreams, intuitions, impressions, empathy, mystery, trust.

As Olivia Newton-John sang, “Feel your way”

Or go to a museum and look at soup cans 😉

Weekend plans? 

Love, MP

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