They Shoot Neptune, Don’t They?

"neptune retrograde in pisces" Remember that movie? They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? I saw it a long time ago. I don’t remember much about it, except for the dance contest element. And the title. For some reason I love this title.

This morning it came to mind. Or maybe it was last night. When I was cursing my Neptune. (According to Rex Bills, Venus rules innocence, not Neptune but…)

Y’all know I love my Rex Bills: here are some Neptune keywords:

crystal balls 
blind spots

Thing is this — Neptune is anything but fake. Neptune transits are anything but fake. But they bring real illusion in. Talked to a woman this morning with Neptune and Chiron on her Jupiter and… I can’t remember now. Blame Neptune 😉 And the other day in the chat room was listing some transits and another gal was listing her transits (from a hard time in her life) and she said: oh yeah, Neptune on my descendent. Oh yeah. Neptune on my descendent. Me too.

My teacher used to call Neptune “insidious.” Do you notice fog? Or do you just notice that you can’t see. Maybe both. We clearly see that… stuff in the air, blocking our view. Neptune is worse.

Even when I look at charts, Neptune is rarely the first thing I look it. Well, that’s changing as I type this. I think I’m going to start looking at Neptune FIRST. Where the drama is. Where the bliss is. Where the sacrifice is. Where the loss is. Where the drowning is. Where the… limitless expansion is. Where the exploitation is. Flasks, flattery, forgery, fortune teller. CONFUSION. You get the picture. Nothing is as it seems. It’s not what you think. It’s not not what you think either. What? Exactly. Neptune. I’m not trying to be silly here. It really is that mixed up.

And I don’t think we have any choice but to give up. When under a Neptune transit. Let it dissolve. Sometimes. In other words, stop pushing for an outcome. Let it all go. Down the drain, baby. Stop trying to save the baby.

Neptune rules sorrow.

And I feel like I come up against this idea again and again when I think about transits, when I read about certain hard transits. Surrender. Let go. Stop pushing. Knowing there is a time to live and a time to die. Time to fight, time to sleep.

So yeah, I want to take my Neptune out back and shoot it. So I can stop hoping. So I can stop my limitless expansion. Venus in the 12th House, y’all. Goodness, tenderness, susceptibility. Christ on the Cross.

Get off the cross, someone said to me once, when he saw my chart. I didn’t realize I was even ON the cross. The cure for Neptune is Saturn. Dignity. You know what else? The cure for Neptune is pride. Leo i.e. where your SUN is. That’s you. Your core. That core which is un-debaseable.

Thus, my friends, if you are thinking about shooting your Neptune, keep this in mind:

Neptune may rule JAIL but it also rules ESCAPE.

Love, MP

P.S. Neptune goes retrograde tomorrow 🙂 at 7 degrees Pisces.

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