The Unprocessed Virgo

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
the city at night

It is nighttime in the Big City…

Are you ever so busy that you don’t have time to process? Can you imagine how this is for a Virgo-type, like me? It’s like being a Sagittarius who can’t find the party or a Cancer who refuses to eat or a Capricorn who quits their job or a graceless Libra. Yes I know I know I’m trafficking in cliches and stereotypes but it is late in the Big City…

My point is that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to process my experience(s) and it’s WEIRD! I have a Virgo South Node, a Virgo Moon (conjunct Pluto), Vesta on my Virgo Rising, North Node in my 6th House… and when a little bit of understanding shows up? It’s a revelation. Because lately, when I’m not doing this work (i.e. doing readings or blogging), my brain needs to completely unfocus.  I have been watching episode after episode of Private Practice on Netflix.

So the recent busy days have left me process-less and I stop recognizing myself, my life. But maybe this is the way it is supposed to happen, maybe this is the way change is supposed to happen.

The Moon and Mars are in sync tonight, in Leo. Saturn in Libra sextiles them. The Sun and Neptune are in trine.  Feels peaceful, doesn’t it? It is still night in the big city.

Have you gone against the grain lately? 

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