You, Growing Beautiful Out Of The Mud: Today’s Tarot + Venus Pluto

Who doesn’t love to see the Sun?

These days I’m obsessed with asking the Tarot a few repeat questions and I’d love to see the Sun —

but I don’t have a deep feeling for this card other than its positivity so let’s explore a little.

I also want to mention I pulled this card from my New Palladini deck which is a bit different than the Rider Waite. It’s mostly sun and sun beams and rays and what appears to be….  AHA!

A lotus flower. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

And you all know about the lotus, right?
You, growing beautiful out of the mud.

According to my on-line research:

“the lotus slowly emerges from a pond over a three day period and then blooms in the morning until mid-afternoon.”

Some key phrases from the same site:

Spiritual awakening.
Breaking the surface.

The pink lotus flower is the SUPREME lotus (according to Buddhist thought according to lotusflowermeaning dot com).

You digging this? I feel closer to this card already. 

So all this is embedded in our Sun card (in this deck).

Now from my occult library I chose at random one of my Tarot books (by Corrine Kenner).
Some of her keys:

*good health
*renewed energy
*action (“masculine” principle)
*fortunate marriage (!)
*joy, enthusiasm

Juliet Sharman-Burke says:
it seems to brighten all the cards surrounding it, adding a sense of optimism and good cheer.

Have you been seeing the Sun? In what context?

Now I’m on the look-out 🙂 But then again I DID just pull it 🙂

Rest of this week is pretty intense. 

Moon and Venus in Cancer oppose Pluto.

One gal in the chat room mentioned getting even MORE attention from dudes. She’s got a natal Venus Pluto square thus the transit is tugging on her home aspect. I was talking about this on my Facebook today: Venus Pluto stalks or gets stalked. And I don’t use those words lightly. These natives carry an energy that may “inspire” the less stable and/or more compulsive among us. They get a reaction. And they get action — if they want it. But if they don’t? You can’t exactly put this aspect on pause. It’s always there. Venus Pluto people can dress head to toe in a garbage bag and still will have suitors (to put it nicely) following them down the street.

I am NOT blaming the victim here but it’s a fact (to me) that the Venus Pluto among us embody desire. And some folks can’t handle that.

By transit, Venus Pluto can also be a love (Venus) resurrection (Pluto) and you may hear from the past. Phone calls, messages, visits, memories, dreams. Venus and the Moon are in Cancer and Cancer rules memory lane.

About Friday’s Sun Saturn opposition:

I think the Sun (ego, radiance, clarity, you growing beautiful out of the mud) shall illuminate your current Saturn position, your fear, the road ahead, the mountain, the climb. Panic agitation nerves. But remember do remember that Saturn is going retrograde so… this fear is passing out of your life, this obstacle is passing out of your life, this blockade is crumbling, breaking the surface.

There really does come a time of less fear. There really does come a time of self-acceptance. The annoying thing is that (I think) it REALLY happens later in life (starting at mid-life). The body starts to break in new ways while the soul’s wisdom rises.

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