The Stars Tomorrow: Good For Business

I was making my dinner, listening to a Pandora station on my big headphones and The Who’s Baba O’Riley came on. A song I love from an album I love. I was 14 again instead of 42, my last summer of being 42 in the kitchen in Brooklyn. That music, back then, meant more to me than anything.

And then I told this story to a Sagittarius friend who also loves this song and what was funny was that we were both excited about different parts of the song. My excitement was the emotion. His was the fast part at the end and the memory of driving.

Why was I born? I shared a little Facebook thingie twice (a Buddhist page), reminding us to ask ourselves this question, morning, noon, and night. Why were you born?


Here’s another question for you: do you throw away the gifts of former lovers or former friends?

The Moon’s been in Virgo today and I did a surprising amount of de-cluttering. Even with vacuuming (which this place needs), it feels lighter. And then I found the gift. A small inexpensive gift he gave me. And then two little things I got for him and never sent.

A good topic for the Moon in Libra, eh? Relationship! The Moon enters Libra at 9:19 pm, Big City time.


Tomorrow, June 17th: the Moon in Libra will do what she usually does these days: squares Pluto, opposes Uranus. At first glance, cooperation seems iffy at best, grueling at worst BUT this pretty Moon will also trine Mars in Gemini, a good aspect. And Mars will sextile Uranus. Another good aspect.

My advice: shake the hand. Make the deal. Smile. You know you want it.


Love, MP


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6 thoughts on “The Stars Tomorrow: Good For Business”

  1. i was born to raise a family and thats what im hoping happens for me this year (or that the seeds are planted… maybe literally… lol) as im a 7 degree cancer sun and very much am hoping to form a committment this summer to my long time on/off partner… as to the keeping things from old loves… i normally would be this way, but theres only one real “love” from my past who is not (and never again will be) currently a part of my life. i used to keep some of the things from him… until i eventually grew to despise him so much and wanted no memory of him around, and nothing that might have carried any of his energy… eckkk just the thought of it makes me sick… im very sentimental otherwise, though… i used to keep movie tickets, cocktail napkins from restaurants, anything that was from an event that was special to me, because i like reminicing, and i feel like the energy is still attached to the item, so if its good energy, i want to keep it :)

  2. ok grrrreat…i have this “big” business meeting at 9:30am City of Isis time and i had my doubts, do i really want this, am i going to pactise with the beast, blablabla. no mo’ blabla then, openness and my brain on “U can’t say no to this Woman” mode. lol. Much Love always Aliza, TY!! x

  3. I was just thinking the same thing! I have a couple of things from old lovers…don’t know what to do with them so I put them away until I have some clarity…

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