The Stars Today: Sweetness And The Edge

"sun square pluto"

Now, right now, are the aspects that I was talking about this morning. Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

How are you feeling? The Moon’s in Gemini. Where is Gemini in your chart?

Social? Restless? Busy? Of two or more minds? Those are common Gem keywords.

And are you living either of those aspects up top?

If Sun square Pluto is power struggle and if it’s true that aspects are stronger when they are applying (this is true for me) then I got my Sun square Pluto dose a day ago. Not that we are limited to one manifestation.

As for sweet Mercury sextile pretty Venus, that’s the undercurrent. That everything actually IS fine… despite the fear at times. Despite the… “I can’t!”

Sun square Pluto likes to look for something wrong so the higher vibration of this energy is the deep looking itself, the Pluto part. But not to assault the Sun or to steal the light but to… bake a cake together.

I know I know fucked up metaphor but hear me out. We’re not dealing with Cancer planets here but we ARE dealing with Aries who squares Cancer and we are dealing with Capricorn who opposes Cancer.

So it’s up to Cancer to nurture you out of this mess – to dry your tears and bring you sweets.

How are you feeling?


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