The Stars Today! Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus

"sun square pluto"

According to my handy dandy Celestial Calendar, there are no “exact aspects” today but consider tomorrow’s aspects as building today! And why put off today what you can do tomorrow ;) Or something like that.

The two stand-outs to me are Mercury sextile Venus and Sun square Pluto.

Sun square Pluto you say? Yep!

Now in the native this aspect can bring, you guessed it! Lots of internal tension of the Pluto variety — power struggle, crisis, your unconscious shit kinda gets in the way of your life ALL THE TIME and it’s like you need to pare it back, peel it, peel it, peel back the layers. In my mind I’m picturing peeling a pear.

And it’s the EGO, the very SELF that feels in danger, at risk, under siege, so the “solution” to this “problem” is spiritual. The solution to Scorpio problems in general is spiritual and Sun square Pluto IS a Scorpio problem. Sun square Pluto people can feel like others are trying to kill them. And.. sometimes others are.

I have a friend with this aspect and he’s of the generation that his Sun also squares Uranus and he has more than a bit of that “cut off your nose to spite your face” thing. You simple can’t wrestle Sun square Pluto to the ground. Stubborn with a cause, stubborn without a cause — it can be one and the same with this aspect.

Sun square Pluto has tremendous power, willpower, and that power needs to be unpacked, understood, and knowing when your ego and your unconscious habits/patterns are getting the best of you.

Pluto people can conquer the world. They DO conquer the world routinely. Just let it be for the good, for the light. Because when this energy backs up on a person… they get slimed and I don’t mean pink slime.

When this aspect occurs “in the sky” you want to avoid people who push your buttons.

And as for Mercury sextile Venus? It may be the sweet ones who push your buttons. Or that you should BE VENUS when you encounter a Pluto person who wants to push your buttons. Err on the sweet side.

Or you could stay home in bed and hide under the blankets!

Do you struggle? With who? 


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9 thoughts on “The Stars Today! Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Venus”

  1. Another reader said the same thing, about comments vanishing. Not sure what that’s about. I was still getting her comments though… even when she saw them vanish….Oh I see you wrote that it’s better now. Do you know what made it better?

  2. Thank you for your answer, Aliza, although I know I am late. I have been having trouble with leaving comments, I log in, I write and then everything vanishes. It’s better now.
    Isabel Hickey’s words are beautiful and so true!

  3. In the lovely words of Isabel Hickey “Scorpios are truly powerful when they do not seek power for the self but seek to be used by the power to heal and bless others. Their goals are reached by service, purity, compassion, and humility. When they serve others and forget themselves, they are truly dynamic and majestic.”

  4. some astrologers believe this yes… that when the sky mirrors your chart, you WILL feel it more. I say make a mental note and see if you agree.. measure your experience against it…

  5. I hope the post made sense :) I was waking up at the time :) Also with the opposition, those Pluto come AT YOU. The opposition means the force is OUTSIDE YOU. People come to PLUTO you – manipulate you, for example…. and you have to.. figure it out!

    The square is INTERNAL, inside you. Self-struggle.

  6. Hi Aliza :) I have Sun opposite Pluto and Uranus natally. I think it stands out the most. Not sure as Neptune touches everything in my chart (illusion). I wonder if I will feel this more or less than someone who doesnt already have this in their chart. I have to say I LOVE it when you discuss something thats hits home as I am able to learn from you.

  7. ooooooh. I have Sun opposite both Pluto and uranus natally. I think this may be the strongest thing in my chart if thats possible.Will this mean I will feel these more than most as it is in my chart already?

  8. I struggle with everything, because of the business in my first house; all of that squared Venus. I struggle with people I don’t like, people I like, people to whom I’m indifferent, with myself. Pluto doesn’t do anything with my Sun (unless you count the trine between my Sun, and Jupiter in Scorpio), but I do feel a sense of that danger to the ego. That could be Pluto in my first house- but that would be the projection of my ego, and how it’s perceived by others. That seems to be more the ticket. All people get is the costume and the mask; I hate that I can never get it right, or even if I can, that people will think I’m something that I’m not.

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