The Stars Today: Mutable Mess

"mutable tsquare"

Venus enters Gemini with a bang.

Rarely do we associate Venus or Gemini with explosions but before she even has a chance to bat her eyelashes she squares Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo.

AND the Moon just entered Virgo (so add that to the list and give it a star because that’s the 1st aspect made, the exact one).

You will blame yourself. Try not to though.

Venus square Moon. Venus square Mars. Venus square Neptune.


Nothing is clear now. Not your relationship, not your dream of a better life, not the home you thought was yours. It’s like… finding out you’re adopted. At age 80. That kind of betrayal.  That you lived so long under a lie and finally someone ‘fessed up.

The transiting Node is in Sagittarius in orb of all this so you can consider this a Grand Cross but I still hold to the belief that Sagittarius, your Sagittarius house and Jupiter and the 9th House (in your chart)  is where you can find some horizon, some sky.

My chart: my Nodes are caught up in the Cross. The Nodes are “karmic” points: what we came here with and the path we must follow to move forward. A Cross to the Nodes is a break with the past, a sudden break, an uncomfortable break, a necessary break, a fated break — and without solution regarding the future.

It says wait.

Are you waiting? What for? 

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