The Stars Today: Moon Trine Mercury!

"full moon eclipse in libra"
Photo by me, from Tarot of the Hidden Realm

So I wasn’t going to blog today AT ALL. Work today at all.

I need the space (literally, in my head) and have an Email Reading to begin tomorrow, space to let my mind breathe and I feel like that’s today’s theme with Moon trine Mercury. The breath. Mercury rules the breath and with such a good aspect, well… I made a short video this morning to describe what I was feeling. Please LIKE my Facebook Page or Friend/Follow me. Then you’ll see the videos sooner! And join in on the conversation. My FB page is far more active than the comments here.

I hope you like the new look! You’ll see there are new services I’m offering as well as the poetry class which begins in April.

My 4 for 3 Reading Bundle still exists but at a slightly higher rate. Other reading prices have remained the same and I am doing Mini-Moons again as well as “crisis calls” when I’m able.

With the Mini-Moons though (and I reference this in my Terms of Service), remember they are quick. In and out 🙂

Back tomorrow with thoughts on the week ahead xx