The Stars Today! Mercury Trine Uranus

"mercury trine uranus"This aspect is exact tomorrow evening Big City time but I wanted to talk about it today and the dry erase board.

A few months ago I got myself a dry erase board at Target. And I probably could hang it up but I like to hold it on my lap when I write and erase and write again and I simply stand it up against the wall where I can see it.

The first thing I did with it was a free-association burst of career intention. Lots of arrows  and phrases and personal keywords and QUESTIONS because I was looking for missing pieces.

Currently though my dry erase is filled with affirmations (I’d been listening to a lot of Louise Hay) as well as my intention for the 7 day ritual which I completed a few days before the New Moon.

(By the way, the ritual that I did actually had the opposite affect and if you’ll remember, Venus was square Uranus. Uranus rules reversals.)

Another thing about the dry erase board is that I think it is possessed. Okay. Not really possessed. I’m a nice Jewish girl. I rather go out to lunch than to a seance 😉

But seriously. The thing… makes noises. And maybe it’s the humidity. Maybe there’s some wacky chemicals in the dry erase that respond to… what?

And then AHA I noticed Mercury trine Uranus coming up. Mercury is the mind. Uranus is brilliant, new, unconventional and these two together, in good aspect, is a good time! A good MIND time. Thinking thinking thinking thinking. Solutions to problems. Insight. Creativity. Spirituality too. And it’s in fire signs. I expect sparks. 

The dry erase wants to be erased. That’s what I realized. The ritual is done. New words (Mercury trine Uranus!!) are needed. It’s time for the next thing. That’s why the board is creaking and squeaking.

I don’t know what will go there next but I don’t fear a blank canvas. Or do I?

I want to put at least ONE word up there. I will. One word.


Love, MP

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