The Stars Today: Fierce Spirit

"full moon in aries"The Moon in Pisces is not the only water to drink from in the sky today, but still I’m thirsty. Maybe when the Moon trines Mars, I’ll fill up.

Elemental: Sun in Air, Mercury in Air, Mars in Water, Venus in Fire. Saturn is at 29 degrees Libra. Just wanted to mention that. To see if you’re paying attention ;)

I can’t even explain it but I want you to find the Pisces house in your chart because I feel Pisces is a portal. Today and every day but today especially. Focus there. It could save you.

And did you notice? Neptune has retrograded back to 0 degrees Pisces and the Moon is conjunct it. Chiron too. It may be painful. It may be confusing. But Pisces calls to you today, and Mars in Scorpio will sharpen your intuition.

What you’re thinking right now? About THAT issue or that person? You’re right. You’ve always been right. Pisces people can tend to get spooked, not only because they feel so much but because their intuition is fierce. Yeah. Pisces is fierce.

Find Pisces in your chart and trust that what you see and feel IS what is.

Any questions?



11 thoughts on “The Stars Today: Fierce Spirit”

  1. 9th H Pisces with Venus, Saturn and Chiron conjunct, with the dandy addition of Lilith. Venus opposing my Uranus/Pluto conjunct in my Virgo 3rd.. My fierce Pisces is kinda crazy right now..

  2. I have been following your posts for a little while and often find them relevant and insightful, but this post today really threw me for a loop. I have been locked in a back-and-forth battle with my very new husband for several months now and the issue really boiled over last night. This same fight has happened so often lately that I have gotten to the point where I can just put things aside the next day and go about my life like normal, but today I couldn’t. All I could do was sit and obsess and fight my feelings and start an e-mail to him just to delete it. I was driving myself crazy. Then I read your post and you said you couldn’t explain it but I needed to find the Pisces house in my chart and focus there in order to be saved. And I did. Maybe you couldn’t explain why you thought I/we needed to do that but I can’t help feeling that you knew that some of us needed your advice desperately. Pisces is in my 8th house and the issues I have been wrestling with are all related to emotional security, perceptions of dishonesty, feeling manipulated and misled, in relation to a situation with our sex life. I took some time to write everything down that came to mind on those areas only and then drafted it into a very detailed e-mail that I did finally save and then send. You gave me the confidence to believe in my self and my own intuition and to put those things out there. Like concrete, in writing, that can’t be taken back. Sometimes I really FEEL that I am right, but then doubt the validity of those feelings and keep things to myself. Today I was able to say this what you have done, this is how it made me feel and these are my conditions that need to be met in order to continue down this path with you – take it or leave it. (Please, please, please don’t leave it!) We are supposed to talk about things tonight. I am worried, as I always am when things are a mess between us (damn emotional intensity!), but at least now I am clear on where I stand and for once in a very long time, I’m willing to take a stand.


  3. WOW Pisces is in my V and I’ve been having these feelings that the guy I’m seeing and falling for simply cannot let go of his past hurt/heartbreak/new beliefs right now in order to be emotionally available to me and be in a committed relationship with me ….it hurts….I can feel the tension as well as him telling me so last week, but yet we continue to see one another and communicate almost daily….he’s leaving for some “personal vacation” time tomorrow and today is our last chance to see each other before he goes…I’m trying to decide whether this meeting should happen right at this moment (as it begins to rain outside — tons of water!) … I’ve stayed up for nights pondering if I should release “us” since I know I will not get what I want….should this be the moment…hmm?

  4. N. Pisces Moon in the 10th house – Gentle Service… With fierce spirit! (Mars in Scorpio transiting my 5th house. Self-assertive in EVERYTHING I am creating now.) Thank you for your insight! XO

  5. Similar to Michele. My ex who I’ve been through craziness with is back in touch! From another continent but It feels real and hopeful. But I gots venus square neptune natally. And have the scars. Could this be saturns leaving gift? Pisces lives in my 9th!

  6. Yes MP *raising my hand*. Pisces is at my IC. I had a very healing talk with my ex-husband-not the guy I talked to you about…lol) and we finally addressed the Elephant in the Room. His Moon and Jupiter are in my 4th house. So this is A LOT of Pisces energy going on-compassion, unconditional love and confusion. How do two people who care so deeply for each other, yet are no longer romantically involved carry on? Let go? Continue with the spiritual knowledge that we now know where we ARE? Will the fog clear leading in a new direction??

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