The Stars This Weekend: Pluto Guts

I like Sunday.

Damn it, I REALLY like Sunday. March 31st.

See, tomorrow is… the Sun and Venus in Aries inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

What you want to do versus your fear about doing it, about getting what you want. Finally.  And oh yes you are DRIVEN. And pissed off ;)

And the Moon is void of course in Scorpio. Get nothing done and feel crappy about it. THIS SKY CANNOT GET IT UP.

But on Sunday:

1. the Moon is in Sagittarius (buoyant! free!) AND

2. Venus is sextile Jupiter (love + money + beauty + good times + lots of it) AND

3. the Sun and Venus are square Pluto (squares are tension, friction)

(The Sun will also sextile Jupiter but it isn’t exact until Monday morning.)

And you may be asking yourself: but MoonPluto, WHY would you be praising a Pluto square? 

Well, my friends, we need the eggs ;)

It’s a very VERY “he loves me, he hates my gut” type of sky.

Jupiter feels good. Pluto feels like… I am trying to find an image. Here’s a story:

Pluto feels like… a late night of chain smoking and Scorpio interrogations (yes this is a story from my trip Way Out West) and shortly before bed what is revealed are the ugly secrets that you never tell ANYONE EVER and this person has pried them out of you and upon hearing your secrets, utters graphic yet simple, concise words of support so extreme that you flinch, move away, and he thinks he’s offended you but no. You’re just moved and grateful. In fact, he gets it more than you do. He goes to places you NEVER could with YOUR LIFE, your experience. He says what needs to be said. He says what has never been said. He offers to take revenge on your behalf. You thank him kindly. That is Pluto. Pluto guts.

So if you fall into the “faint of heart” category or you are worried about your love life or even if you simply don’t want any Pluto power butting into your current romantic fantasy daydream, you may want to skip this day :)

Love, MP


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18 thoughts on “The Stars This Weekend: Pluto Guts”

  1. :)
    My kind of friend.
    I try to be THAT type of friend to my friends. You can tell me anything.
    Nobody died?
    Everybody had a good time?
    Let’s move forward.
    Don’t worry about what God thinks. ( maybe He will hide His eyes )

    ( I never heard anything about it … )

    I also don’t mind taking an unpopular side for the Underdog in Underwear.
    no problem.
    Want me to kill him for you? Cats work better at night. In the DARK.

    Like Mona says in Tales Of The City- if you have 5 good friends- consider yourself lucky….
    YOU have at least one- consider yourself very lucky!

    I have a few. I’d kill for them, I’d die for them, I’d lie for them. I forget for them.
    I pose for them.
    I hope it helps them. Like confession without the Hail Mary’s I guess.
    I feel that somehow, it’s always returned when I need it most. Maybe not where I expect, I’m learning to not EXPECT from which source- then it all comes together.

    Blessings All


  2. “It was life changing. I miss it” I’m sorry for this. It’s very sad because I remember the last day I think she felt in control. She wasn’t really but she felt safe behind those walls. For me that day was March 27, 2008.

  3. Thank you Tracie and k :) I was searching for an image in that blog post and then the story told itself. There will be more stories :)

  4. Tracie said it well, “Your stories touch us and trigger our stories, including the Pluto stories.” thank you MP

  5. compassion is mainly about destruction. compassion destroys illusion and leaves freedom. compassion doesn’t help old ladies over the road. compassion is the ruthless lover that won’t allow any escape.

    ~tony parsons

  6. Thank you :) I just wanted to be clear. My Pluto and Virgo side insisted! It was life changing. I miss it.

  7. I understand what you’re saying and I didn’t mean to “romanticize” it. Maybe it’s just me, as a mom, wanting those conversations, hell anything, to have an impact in healing. I don’t care who it is I so want the puss to be cleaned so the wound can heal. NOT that you asked for this nor do I know if it’s needed.

    Your stories touch us and trigger our stories, including the Pluto stories.

  8. It wasn’t really like that though. Just to be clear. To the memory. No tears of release. This was no after school special. This was after a long night of… I couldn’t even say he was “there for me” — this was something else. Pluto doesn’t hug you when you cry. This was something else entirely. It was justice. Calling a spade a spade. The difference between Cancer/compassion and Scorpio/revenge. Scorpio wants an eye for an eye. Scorpio does not spin a story or bake cookies out of shit.

  9. This is moving and painful, beautiful & releasing all at the same time. It brought tears to this Cancer momma for you and anyone who’s ever had a secret which could be pried.

    It’s a familiar feel. HE did the same thing for HER. NO one knew but he pried, the wooden spoon. I’m sure she felt the same tears of release. Pluto entered Capricorn when they met, it moved into her 8th house when all was revealed. It was this week four years ago.

    I’m glad he was there for you. A BIG momma hug to you.

  10. Pluto guts, yes, that’s what’s up. The romantic daydream pales beside the truth laid out with urgent reality riding the dark horse alongside.

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