The Stars This Weekend: Mercury Square Saturn

Why yes! I HAVE been WORKING AT LOVE during the Venus in Capricorn retrograde!

You want proof? I got post-its! I got post-its on my desk! REMINDERS.

I got candles burning on the altar. MAGIC. I got relationship-flow.

Any strides made are not from “oh whatever” but from effort/work/SATURN, taking the time.

Patience? I’m not great on patience πŸ˜‰ But I’m breathing. That’s a step πŸ™‚

I also want to lecture you about perfection. While I have your attention πŸ™‚

NOTHING IS PERFECT. Even your works of art, your works of love.

And therein lies the beauty and the hope. Creation only happens because there is a space. IT DIDN’T EXIST UNTIL YOU PUT IT THERE.


Looking ahead to the weekend, transit of note: MERCURY TRINE MARS. Mercury in Aquarius, Mars in Libra.


So we’re a little on the bi-polar side here. Hours where everything flows and the zip is zipping along; feeling, desire, and energy are in sync and then UGH! Saturn! The obstacle is temporary. One way: I suggest that you not fight it. When you feel the slow down then SLOW DOWN.

Can you lift up a car all by yourself? Lift a car up off the ground? It’s like that. And maybe you can. But I’m guessing most here can’t.

So this weekend if you walk into situations where you are being ASKED TO lift up a car. Or you FEEL LIKE you must lift up a car… something TOO BIG and TOO STRONG for your own strong arms, my advice is: DON’T. My advice is STOP.

And wait for the strongmen (and women) to arrive so they can help you, or release you, or understand you!

A little secret: there isn’t really some huge PHYSICAL object to move or remove, okay? It’s NOT physical. It’s a mental block. But at the time it feels like OMG HOW WILL I EVER LIFT THIS FREAKING STATIONWAGON OFF THE THING I NEED THAT’S PINNED UNDER IT OMG OMG OMG. And then you drop.

By Sunday the Moon is in Sagittarius and you feel bouncy pouncy again πŸ™‚


Today’s question: DO YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE?

If so, do you feel like shouting it out? I LOVE MY LIFE. THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU!

If not, do you feel like shouting that out? HELP! PLEASE! HELP ME!

It’s a continuum, many points between these two pillars. Where are you on the see-saw?

See that’s another way to work with Mercury trine Mars and square Saturn: say the hard words. Words of gratefulness can be hard to say. Words of fear, words from the heart. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH says Mercury square Saturn. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. Avoid being mean, avoid being cruel. Saturn can be both. How you avoid the sharp side here is by caring enough to measure your words. Being careful and cautious. That is also Saturn. Being strategic to NOT hurt others.

So which is it? Shouts of love? Or cries of pain? Maybe a little of both and somewhere in between?

Can you sit with whatever comes up?Β 

Love, MP


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