The Stars This Week: Pluto Sextile Chiron

When something is alive, viable, you don’t have to (shouldn’t have to?) work like hell to keep it alive. It IS. Food and water, yes but it grows on its own for the most part. You don’t have to keep poking at it. It doesn’t need your help. Do you agree?


Monday: Sun in Aries sextile Jupiter in Gemini and Moon enters Capricorn

Tuesday: No exact aspects except from the Moon, including Moon conjunct Pluto

Wednesday: Again, no exact aspects except from the Moon

Thursday: Moon enters Aquarius, Pluto sextile Chiron (I’ll include Friday with the weekend forecast)

Overall, a week of emotional intensity and emotional control (back and forth) as the Moon in Capricorn does her work. Moon in Aquarius may feel like a relief, if not a release. Monday’s Sun Jupiter sextile is fine and dandy but the Moon is void of courseย all day. Feel good (Sun sextile Jupiter) but don’t make promises.

Pluto sextile Chiron is a humpty dumpty aspect. You get put back together. Chiron gathers all her disparate hurt places. Pluto (in Capricorn i.e. Saturn) makes sure the cure is for real. This time.

We are under this energy already but it is exact on Thursday so watch for this energy all week and by that I mean find both transiting Pluto and transiting Chiron and ask yourself: what hurts here.

Sextiles, they say, take a little work, unlike trines where the energy just flows (often making people lazy, they say). But from the work comes the satisfaction. You did it. You allowed it. You are loved. Golden.

I am speaking from my own chart ๐Ÿ™‚ Pluto in my 5th. Chiron in my 7th.

For you there is also a story. It could be a love story, a healing story, a beginning and an ending story. A story with really great music. And good food. And perfect weather. And the right people saying and doing all the right things…

I know I sound awfully Neptunian here. My point is that this is an important transit and you must pay attention to it, find it in your chart. Pluto heals. Chiron heals. You have more power than you realize to make this alright.

If Pisces Season was the dream, then Aries Season is the doing. Get it done my friends. Get it done NOW so that you coast a little when Taurus time comes ๐Ÿ™‚

Love, MP


Got questionsย about Aries Season?ย 

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