The Stars This Week! Moon in Virgo Moon in Virgo Moon in Virgo

"venus square uranus" I want to give you some advice.

But first, I’m going to ignore — for the moment — the obvious, edgy, and interesting transits of the week. I’m going to IGNORE THEM!

But I shall list them 🙂

Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus *and* TRINE Saturn and Chiron. Yes that’s right. Venus opposing Pluto. Venus squaring Uranus. Venus trine Saturn. Venus trine Chiron. All this week!

Mercury entering LEO (July 31st)

Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo (thus Mars in Scorpio is squaring them both)

By the way, it’s brutally hot in this apartment as I type here. Let me know if I get my transits wrong.

I’m giving you this transit landscape so you know, okay? SO YOU KNOW. That your feel-good mechanism Venus is under stress and duress but by week’s end you get a Saturn Chiron shaped cookie. Actually a Venus Saturn Chiron shaped cookie. A Grand Trine in Water. Relationships (Venus) are simultaneously prickly and stable. Oy. Feels like a PROCEDURE to me.

The Mars Jupiter square is cranky or horny, depending.

And Mercury into Leo of course means MORE CATS MORE CATS MORE CATS!!!

Aside: for some reason the Leo/Scorpio squares make me laugh. When these two duke it out, I want a front row seat. Both signs have their moments (ahem) of vanity and pride. I recommend popcorn! Both these signs say LOOK AT ME – but in very different ways. Leo is a STAR (hair fluffing) but Scorpio’s got the GAZE. Know anyone with this combo in their chart? You haven’t lived until you’ve been corned by a Leo/Scorpio combo. The intensity of their attention upon you is an oasis in the desert that has become your life. AN OASIS. A GRAND TRINE WATER. That’s what this week has in store FOR YOU. And for me. The passion of Leo. The passion of Scorpio. WHO WILL LIVE AND WHO WILL PERISH UNDER THESE STARS? And I mean that metaphorically. I want my blog to take you away from current events and tragedies. Not immerse you in them.

So I told you more than I was planning to. What I really want to talk about is THIS WEEK’S VIRGO MOON! 

What is Virgo Moon? Obsessive! Hard-working. Meticulous. Arranging the knickknacks on the gas fireplace mantle with loving care! Double-bagging the garbage to keep the smell from perfuming the room. And details. And service. And time management. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS, BITCHES!

This is how you survive the week. At least until the Moon enters Libra 😉 And then you’ll be back to obsessing over the WRONG THINGS (like over that guy, sigh) but at least you’ll get a head start! On your work! Work work work work!

Start your engines busy bees! Moon goes void of course on the East coast tonight and doesn’t enter Virgo until tomorrow night. I know some don’t work as much or as hard during void of course but I tend to keep going — but making room for an extra 12th House moment – a nap, a star gaze, a lull…

Thank you for reading 🙂 Yes I am loopy from the heat.


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