The Mystery Of Prediction (part 2)

"moon in aquarius"This builds on a previous post and concerns self-prediction! Do you do that? Do you look at your chart or the cards and “know” what is happening? Sometimes I try to do this for myself and sometimes I’m right or at least in the ballpark 🙂

Recently I had a lovely Jupiter Uranus mashup by transit in my chart and I KNEW something good was going to happen. It’s classic actually for something good and out of the blue under that energy. Magic my old astrology teacher called it.

So I had that part right. I predicted the good thing. I knew it was career related since my MidHeaven (the career point) was involved and I thought okay maybe I’ll get some new groovy client or maybe someone in publishing will discover my blog and… I was just fantasizing and wondering what could it be?

Well, it wasn’t related to the blog at all. It was that director contacting me about producing my play, which will be my 1st full length production, here in New York City, and I hadn’t been working on that stuff AT ALL for more than a year. I thought it was dead and gone from my life even though I’d been feeling inklings of wanting to return to that kind of writing.

And THEN it made me wonder even more: is playwriting my career? Will it become my career? Is there some kind of status or recognition (10th House) associated with it for me? It felt impossible to me based on what I’d already experienced. IMpossible!

My point is this: that life can surprise you. Especially when Uranus is involved!

This morning a Facebook friend posted on her wall a link to a volume of short plays that we are both published in. Apparently it just came out (I’m guessing).

I am not trying to predict what will happen next with this theatre stuff. I am letting it play out (ha!) and resisting looking too closely. For the moment.

Here’s your homework: the Moon is in Aquarius, post-full. Why don’t you try a little Tarot spread for yourself or some other experiment and tell us in the comments whether you think the answer you received was… right? wrong? frustrating? confusing?

Ready? Set! Tarot!

Love, MP

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