The Esoteric Parallel Between Phil Spector And Psychic Self-Defense

"psychic self defense"I was talking to a friend today about psychic self-protection and suddenly I thought of Phil Spector. Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound.

And that a Wall of Sound is exactly what you want psychic spycraft to get from you. In other words: NOISE.

Not that Spector’s Wall of Sound was noise. On the contrary. He produced rock and roll magic. But you get my analogy, right?

It’s like this: if someone wants to get through? If someone tries to get through? They can’t. Impenetrable.

So the question becomes how to build your own Wall of Sound OR that if your wall gets breeched, how to make a repair within moments. Is it possible?

Well, start building your psychic wall with The Ronettes. I’m serious.

To be continued…

Love, MP

The Ronettes – Be My Baby


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