The Boy With The Rooster Tattoo (Pluto Passion Part 2)

"pluto in the 1st house"I got into a fun and funny conversation this evening on Facebook, about a French movie I was watching that had full frontal male nudity.

It wasn’t porn. It was a regular ‘ole talky French movie that happened to have some, well, adult themes.

And this movie reminded me of what I want to feel, of how I have felt, of what I need to feel, to be involved with someone. It made me want to shave my legs 😉

And it made me remember a boyfriend of mine, from 20 years ago. He had a rooster tattoo on his arm. And how if THOSE feelings aren’t there, it’s not worth it.

I’m fond of saying “pleasure doesn’t interest me.” Even orgasm doesn’t interest me. Hell, I can do that myself.

What I am after I CANNOT do for myself. It’s a feeling that I feel in my stomach that I can never quite describe but I know it and I felt it tonight and I can’t remember the last time. Months ago. Last year maybe.

This post is a tribute to the power of contemporary French cinema 🙂 but also a part 2 to my Pluto Passion post of earlier today.

For me, passion is born of the mind and of the gut. My 1st House Moon Pluto conjunction is in Virgo (mind) in the house of the body (the the 1st).

I am grateful to this movie for reminding me that it is THERE, that it is always there. That it is worth waiting for.

Are you in touch with your Pluto? 

Love, MP

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