"moon pluto conjunction"

A client moving into her first apartment contacted me to create a Home Ritual for her. I had been blogging about this topic and she sent me an email asking what it would involve!

It did involve some Tarot, her chart, her transit chart, and creating a ritual just for her. It was super fun! And I’m so happy she’s doing well.

As an aside, it’s super cool getting to know this generation of “young people” — many of them having their Saturn Return with Pluto there too!

Here’s what she sent me!

Moving into my first apartment alone was a scary and worrisome time for me… I contacted Aliza regarding how to welcome myself into my new home and she came up with a New Home Ritual for me that was original, and very specific to my needs.  Using a mix of Tarot and Astrology I felt all areas of my thoughts, feelings and personality were comprised into this wonderful ritual that I ultimately carried out myself. She pin pointed where I was at the beginning of my move in, and the areas I needed to focus on to help me mature into my new space. I have a lot of activity in my astro chart and she was exact on how it was/is affecting me during this time frame. She showed me how the Grand Trine now played out and explained how to take advantage of the strengths in my chart. Needless to say I did and have learned so much about myself!  And that was just the first half!

The ritual itself focused on energy I lacked or which laid dormant and by performing this ritual, for the specified number of days, really helped me to be more aware of it and pushed to bring it out of me. Also, by focusing on this energy, many have noticed the positive changes in me. 🙂  I especially liked how she suggested I create a memento at the end of my ritual to commemorate the experience and my development.  I cannot express enough that this was a very powerful practice for me as I began to settle myself into my new home.  I feel more centered and stronger though I stand alone. Through this experience I have come to realize I am the foundation of my home. 🙂

I highly recommend anyone looking to gain a better sense of themselves to contact Aliza and experience this process!! Even if you’ve been in your place for a while I’m sure she will be most helpful with shifting the energy to better suit you and teach you how to make it a pleasant environment for all involved!!

Thanks so much. That was lovely!

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