"moon conjunct pluto"

Every reading is different. Every chart is different. Every person is different. I’m different 😉

One person’s experience will be different than someone else’s. Someone could contact me for a reading and dislike my style.

Or I could have an off-day. I’m human. I try.

And my experience of the client will be different than another reader’s experience.

So posting Testimonials is a weird and interesting thing because the testimonial is specific to THAT person and THAT reading.

Now, if you read many testimonials and… they kinda say the same thing… then you know what you’re getting.

All this to say, I have to post this sweet little testimonial because it is so sweet! And posting them makes me feel like a dork but an awesome astrologer told me a few months ago to do it and I try to listen to smart people 🙂

Here’s what she wrote:

Once again, I sit here at my keyboard, wondering how the heck you do this!  (Get right to the heart of the matter.)  And then how the heck do I convey to you my deep deep gratitude for your wisdom, your insight, the love and caring that radiate from your words, from you?

It is all a wonder.  

I am a really good hugger, and I am sending you the best hugs I have in me.


I am the one who is grateful, truly. I am grateful that I got *this* far. And on the day after my mother’s yartzeit I am grateful to be doing this, with all its challenges and weirdnesses and unknowns…

After my meditation class, my teacher says “With great gratitude…” to us in the class. That’s how I feel.

Namaste. I bow to you.

And the only thing that would make this evening better, says my Mars in Cancer, would be a big bowl of ice cream 🙂