Tell Me About Your Venus!

How do you feel love?

For me it feels quiet and warming. It’s a very inside feeling. Fills me up. How to explain it? It spreads like warm liquid to the belly. This is my Venus in Leo in the 12th House. Private fire. But you may never know it’s burning there. Such a private expeirence that others may have no clue I love them unless I make words. Love feels solid to me even though my Venus is a fire/water combination. Steady flame. Fixed fire. Leo. BRAVE.

My Venus is exactly sextile Jupiter – love feels good to me and to you if I let you in close enough. My roommate once said it felt like hands come down from heaven, one day when I comforted her. Maybe that was my Moon Pluto conjunction though. Hmm…

My Venus is square Saturn and Saturn constricts, makes the lover feel unsure, guarded. It’s a taste of Capricorn, challenges the Leo sense of glamour and superstar and my 12th House expansion. Puts a businesslike spin on it. Arranged marriage? Sure, no problem.

And then my Venus is also squared by Neptune. I need to miss you, but not for too long. Neptune can be masochistic, enjoys some painful longing and writes a poem about it but don’t let it turn into martyrdom or sacrifice or the love will eventually dissolve (another Neptune keyword) and I continue searching for something healthier (my Virgo side winning out!).

Venus Pluto can be destructive and/or healing. Venus Uranus can be hot/cold and exciting. Venus Uranus needs to invent the love that will make them happy.ย Venus Neptune tends to idealize. Venus Saturn feels afraid but once they know you are serious, it can last a lifetime.

Is your love frantic and fiery? Gentle and wise? Obsessive and controlling? ๐Ÿ˜‰

What does love feel like to you?ย 

Love, MP


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