Taurus Season: A Month of Healing

I learned something today.

We are in the Hebrew month of Iyar and that Iyar is a “month of healing” and all we have to do is allow it.

A friend of mine told me this at lunch today. She heard it from one of her teachers. Felt right.

A month of healing. Can it be so?

We continued to talk as we cleared the table and somehow ๐Ÿ™‚ the talk got around to… indecision, choices, not knowing what to do, the Divine’s guidance not being apparent. How does one know what is best? Remember that Two of Swords I saw today…

You talk to your mashpia, she said. A mentor, a spiritual mentor. I thought to myself hmm hmm hmm I don’t have one God is my mashpia hmm hmm hmm.

And then it was time to go…

Can Taurus Season be your month of healing?


Love, MP


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