Tarot Practice Group! New!

"Saturn in capricorn"
From my Facebook:

TAROT GROUP FORMING. If interested, please read below.

There is a monthly fee and will be a sliding scale.

Sliding scale:
between $35 and $145 per month.
I prefer if folks can pay 4 months in advance – but I’m happy to consider month by month. Here’s what’s on my mind:

Secret Group here on FB. Not planning on leaving FB anytime soon.

What is the group:

Tarot card study (I love studying interpretations); tarot draws for each other, always reciprocal. No asking for cards unless you plan to return the favor.

Sharing favorite spreads, techniques, intuition skills. Anything and everything Tarot. I want there to be FLOW. Ideas for daily practice.

I view this group as ongoing not as a class-class from A to Z but immersion and learning by doing and living with the cards. REALLY getting to know the cards.

That said, we can go from A to Z if folks want. Start at the “beginning” … I imagine we’d prob do some of both. Order and chaos ;)

Message me if you have questions. With Tarot we are never done. Moonpluto@gmail.com

Thinking OFFICIAL start date is April 15th but… you can join anytime.